MRI Magnet Maintenance


Your MRI is likely one of the largest assets within your facility.  Buying an MRI and maintaining one requires a budget and a lot of attention.  There are many predictive approaches to keeping your MRI running smoothly and there are many outside elements (like room temperature) that can affect your MRI’s performance.

HealthMed360 proudly sells and services NEW OEM and budget-friendly Refurbished MRI Coldheads and Compressors! You speak and we listen.  Both quality, both warrantied and many options to fit any budget.

MRI Magnet Parts Include: 

  • MRI Coldheads
  • MRI Compressors
  • MRI Adsorbers
  • Flex Lines
  • Remote Magnet Monitoring Click here to learn more
  • Cryogens

Magnet Parts for: Sumitomo, APD and Leybold
GE, Siemens and Philips MRI Equipment

MRI Magnet Services Include: